Considerations to Make When Outfitting Your Hotel Lobby

August 6, 2019

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Whether on an extended holiday or just away for a night or two, guests of luxury hotels come to expect accommodations that offer them the best of home while away from home. They want and need a comfortable and convenient stay as they travel, and their hotel room needs to be as cozy as possible.

But equally important to a comfortable and stylish hotel room is the lobby. After all, it’s the lobby that guests will be greeted by first before they ever check in and make it to their room. The lobby must set a positive impression and invite guests to get comfortable and make themselves at home.

Considering how important a hotel lobby is, it’s essential that it’s outfitted with the appropriate furnishings and decor to not only be aesthetically appealing, but also an inviting place for guests to relax and unwind in before they make it to their room, before they check out, or just as a place to hang out throughout their stay.

Here are some considerations to make when furnishing and decorating a hotel lobby.

Provide an Immediate Place of Refuge

In many cases, guests may have travelled extensively and may need to take a much-needed break after all the effort they’ve exerted to get where they are. As such, it’s important that a hotel lobby provides them with a retreat to unwind in, drop their bags, and relax before they actually get the keys to their room.

They may also want to have a seat as they wait to check out, or may want to spend some time in the lobby with a drink or snack before heading out to wherever they happen to be going. Creating a space that allows guests to relax in is important, which means the space should be outfitted with comfortable seating and plenty of space to kick their feet back and place any of their belongings on tables.

Large, comfortable armchairs and loveseats in the lobby area tend to work best to achieve this goal. And outfitting a hotel lobby with the help of reputable furniture manufacturers and supplier is the best way to get exactly what you’re looking for.

Understand Your Guests

No matter what business you hail from, it’s important to know your customers. And hotel owners and managers are no exception. Each hotel tends to cater to a specific type of guests, so it’s important that the lobby reflects the needs and expectations of the patrons that it serves.

By understanding the exact type of customer being served, you can outfit the hotel lobby appropriately with the right type of furniture. Outfit Your Hotel Lobby With Customized Furniture From Unichairs