Table Tops for your restaurant

September 8, 2017

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Finding the right table tops for your restaurant that match your overall design isn’t easy. If you are looking to add new table tops to your restaurant, we offer high-quality table top options for you. Browse through our selection of laminate, wood, and custom table tops and select the ones that work best for your venue.

Our table tops are available in various sizes to accommodate groups of all sizes. We offer various styles and designs for you to choose from.

Unichairs Table top options

Duralight – are designed as an indoor tabletop for restaurants. Duralight table tops uses 2 chipboard cover layers and a supporting edge for better durability.

Duralam- High quality table tops combined with elegant appearance. This tabletop is scratch and impact resistant. Duralam tabletops can be cleaned very easily and have a remarkable authentic appearance.

Compact-exterior– These high-quality table tops combine modern appearance with durability. Perfect for your restaurant outdoor patio.

Edge table tops – Not only are these table tops resistant to UV rays, weather, and heat, but they are also resistant to scratches and abrasion.

Things to consider

Material – Just like your chairs and bar stools, your table tops need to be just as strong and durable. For indoor table tops you should consider granite or wood and for outdoor table top be sure to choose durable materials such as metal, aluminum, or laminate. These materials will protect your outdoor table tops from any scratches.

Design and colour– Selecting the colour or design of the table tops depends on the restaurant. For fine dining restaurants, you want to avoid bright, bold colours because they can be distracting to your customers. However, in a more casual restaurant setting, colourful table tops can liven up a restaurant. Before selecting the table tops, think about what you want when it comes to design aesthetics, materials and colors.

At Unichairs Inc., you can also find chairs and barstools that will tie the entire room together. We offer customization options to help you match your table tops with your existing furniture.

Whether your projects are large scale or small, Unichairs offers the best quality for the best possible value.

If you have any questions about our table top selection, call us at 905.851.8838, or email us Our experienced customer service representatives will be happy to help you.