The Right Booth Seating for Your Restaurant

December 30, 2016

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Restaurant patrons love booth seating. They offer privacy, comfort, lots of room, and are typically exposed to less traffic compared to traditional seating. Of course, you should outfit your restaurant with a variety of types of seating in addition to booths in order to accommodate those who may prefer a specific type of seat. But overall, patrons enjoy booth seating for the level of coziness they bring.

Restaurant seating – no matter what type you choose – it plays a key role in the overall design of your restaurant. Before you pick out your restaurant booths, make sure you consider the following first:

  • Your restaurant’s size – If your restaurant is on the smaller side, compact booths might be a better choice instead of large tables and chairs. Keep in mind that you want to be able to maximize the number of tables and chairs in the space without compromising a clean and functional flow of traffic between the dining room and kitchen. Before buying your furniture, make sure you know precisely how much space you have to dedicate to restaurant seating.
  • Your restaurant’s design – If your restaurant is on the high-scale end, consider the type of fabric used for your booths. Elegant fabrics might be a better choice, versus more casual materials for family-style eateries.
  • Booth shape – Seating comes in many shapes. Plenty of booths feature straight benches and use a wall to create an enclosure on three sides.
  • Bench height – The bench height should be a minimum of 36 inches, which will bring the bench up to the shoulders for the majority of people, offering enough support for the lower back. The higher the bench, the more privacy provided.
  • Bench length – Two-seaters should be a minimum of 45 inches long, although two people may be more comfortable on a bench that’s 48 inches long.
  • Seat – A bench seat can have springs in it, be padded, or can be solid wood or metal. Springs usually offer support for a longer period of time compared to pads. Patrons will also find that the extra foam around the springs is quite comfortable.
  • Kick base – The bottom component of the booth offers additional support for the bench and lets guests maintain good posture by providing them with a place that they can dig their heels into.
  • Your budget – Obviously, your budget will play an important role in the booths you choose. Luckily at Unichairs, we have plenty of options that can meet just about every budget!

Outfit your restaurant’s dining room with high-quality, visually appealing, and comfortable booth seating from Unichairs today! Contact us today for a consultation.