Outfitting Your Craft Pub or Microbrewery With Stylish Seating

November 15, 2018

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Craft pubs and breweries offer a very unique experience to patrons. They can be compared to wineries that both produce the wine and serve them to patrons directly on site. These types of entities are uniquely focused on creating quality beer while simultaneously serving guests.

Such a unique type of setting requires equally unique seating and tables. The average pub might be simple enough to furnish and choose pieces that suit the atmosphere, but craft pubs and microbreweries warrant a bit of a different spin.

Adding Style and Comfort to Your Craft Pub or Brewery

Aside from the quality of the beer itself, the key to a successful craft pub or brewery is comfort and style. While some patrons may only visit these places for a short period of time, others stick around for hours.

It’s not uncommon for events and parties to be hosted at these types of venues. When customers remain on the premises for a long period of time, it’s important to provide them with comfortable seating.

But not only should the chairs be comfortable, they should also be the appropriate height for the tables and bars that they are seated at. Having to lean over or reach up won’t make for a comfortable experience, no matter how comfortable the seats happen to be. If your patrons are comfortable, they’ll be more likely to stick around for a while.

Find the Perfect Tables and Chairs For Your Brewery at Unichairs

At Unichairs, we offer an extensive collection of seating and tables options to best suit your pub. Our pieces vary in designs and styles, from classic to contemporary. We also offer a variety of materials that are of the highest quality while still providing the comfort that your patrons expect and deserve.

For your craft pub or microbrewery, consider our signature Market Chair or Market Barstool, which both make perfect choices for this specific and unique type of setting. Classic yet stylish, these chairs make the ideal piece.

Call us at 905.851.8838 or email us at info@unichairs.com to get started outfitting your pub or brewery with the perfect furniture today!