Restaurant Design

September 21, 2017

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Designing any restaurant big or small requires creative thinking to make the most of the space you’re given. Knowing what kind of furniture your restaurant needs and having the correct layout is essential.

Choosing the right layout and restaurant furniture for any venue is essential to a customer’s impression and experience in your establishment. A venue should come across as cozy, intimate and comfortable, instead of cluttered, crowded and unpleasant. Selecting furniture can be difficult because there are a variety of choices, from bar stools, to arm chairs, patio seating, booths, etc.

With all that in mind, let’s take a look at how to choose the right furniture and layout to make a restaurant comfortable for all.

Utilize bar and bar stools

Bar stools are a perfect for people who want to sit at the bar to have drink or watch the game on the TV. Any restaurant that features television entertainment will need plenty of bar stools. It’s also a good way of seating many guests while still offering ample of space to move around.

Patio Seating

If your restaurant plans on having patio seating, you will need metal or aluminum chairs with removable pads. Along with the chairs, you want to have the right tables for your patio. You will need durable tables and chairs that will be able to handle the weather.

Booth seating

Booths are essential for almost all restaurants. They are valuable for big parties, or smaller parties that want more privacy. For the layout, it’s best to place the booths along the walls of the restaurant. You will save a lot of space because booths can be quite large.

Use square tables

Using square tables as opposed to round tables is recommended to offer the most flexibility when you need to adjust seating for different sized parties. If you’re hosting a large party you can combine the square tables to seat more customers.

When purchasing furniture for your restaurant, you need to consider the type of environment your customers are going to want and the overall atmosphere you want to have.

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