Making Your Hotel a Place Guests Love to Visit

September 20, 2019

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A hotel is only as good as what guests think it is. And a positive impression that guests have is linked directly to its style and comfort, in addition to its customer service. It’s imperative that a hotel gives its guests everything that they are looking for and have been promised, which means it’s important to take specific measures to ensure guest satisfaction.

Patrons who have had a good experience in a hotel will be more than happy to leave good reviews and spread the word to others. It’s also a great way to build a hotel’s brand and increase its awareness. Positive guest experiences will also leave them coming back for more and become repeat customers, which goes a long way for business.

There are plenty of ways to maximize guest satisfaction, such as:

• Creating a mobile-friendly website offering esthetic appeal
• Responding to guest feedback quickly and efficiently
• Connecting with guests on a personal level
• Customizing bookings
• Using social media to reach out to guests before their stay
• Using guest feedback to make better decisions in the future

All of these are incredibly important to developing a hotel brand that guests come to trust and love. But don’t forget about the actual esthetics of the place, including both the lobby and the guest rooms. How these spaces are furnished and accessorized makes a huge difference in the overall feel and level of comfort that guests will experience when they stay at a particular hotel.

Your Hotel’s Furniture Matters

When guests first arrive, the lobby will be the first thing they encounter. A hotel lobby should not only be attractive, but it should also offer guests a place to relax and retreat.

Maybe they want to rest after a long journey and simply need a place to kick up their feet while they’re waiting to be checked in. Or perhaps they want a place to hang out besides in their guest room. Having a hotel lobby that’s appropriately furnished with the right seating is important.

Of course, the guest rooms are also crucial. After all, it’s where guests will be spending the majority of their time at the hotel. As such, it’s helpful to not only outfit these rooms with comfortable beds, but offer a separate sitting area for guests to enjoy comfortably while watching TV, doing some work, or reading a book. And the seating options you go with play a key role in guest satisfaction.

The comforts of the chairs, lounges, tables, beds, fabrics, foam density, benches, booths, and any other furniture piece that you include in your furniture design are crucial for client satisfaction and the business as a whole. Luckily, Unichairs is flooded with high-end pieces that would make the perfect fit in hotel lobbies and guest rooms.

And with our luxury Artiste collection, you’ll have no shortage of opulent pieces that you can include in your overall hotel interior design plan. This amazing collection features a large selection of pieces in high-grade velvet that you’ll never see anywhere else and will be sure to set a great impression on hotel guests, and they’re available in many colours to suit your design.

Unichairs is also proud to have a team of experienced Contract Consultants on hand to help you make the right decision on the pieces you should incorporate in your hotel design plan. Unichairs has plenty of hotels design clients that we continue to assist, which makes us the experts in the business of hotel furniture and your number one resource for all your hotel furnishing needs.

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