Make a Great First Impression With Your Hotel Lobby

March 14, 2019

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Service and amenities matter when it comes to running a profitable and successful hotel that patrons continue to back to time and time again. But the time to make a good first impression is the moment guests walk through the front doors.

The entryway of a hotel can either draw people in to explore more or prompt them to turn around. As such, your hotel lobby needs to impress people the second they enter, and that includes ensuring that the furniture, decor, and flow are top-notch. It sets the tone for the entire place.

Not only should your hotel lobby be aesthetically pleasing, but it should also be functional. When guests are waiting to be checked in or are waiting to meet up with others, they need somewhere to retreat out of the way in comfort. No matter how big or small your hotel lobby is, you want to make sure that it fulfills the functions it is intended to.

For hotels, it’s usually in the lobby area where guests can check in, meet up with each other, and chill out. As such, the type of seating that you offer plays a key role in function and comfort.

If your lobby is on the small side, simple wood-frame chairs are perfect. If you don’t have the room for the standard bulky entryway benches and sofas, a chair or two offers just as enough convenience without taking up too much space.

For larger hotel lobby spaces, there’s plenty of room for creativity. Keep in mind that large entryways don’t necessarily have to be completely filled in. Instead, keeping some of the space open can highlight the largeness and openness of the space and helps to create an open, airy, and welcoming atmosphere.

In odd-shaped lobbies, custom furniture can help. If you’re working with unique spaces, custom dimensions can help the space look optimally utilized instead of overly crowded.

No matter how big or small your hotel lobby may be, custom furniture can give it a unique personality. Call or email Unichairs today to speak with a team member about the ideas you might have, or we can suggest ideas to help you create the perfect hotel lobby space. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you design the perfect lobby for your hotel!