Health Care Seating

August 25, 2017

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In the healthcare environment, there are so many guests and patients to seat, thus making it difficult to select the right seating. Healthcare facility managers are paying attention to patient comfort when selecting furniture.

Here are some key factors you should consider when selecting quality healthcare furniture for your hospital.


Creating a family-friendly environment for patients and visitors is one of the key factors. You want to select a design that makes families comfortable when they stay overnight, or are waiting for long periods of time.


Aesthetics is another key factor in designing furniture for today’s healthcare facilities. Combining aesthetics with durability is the ultimate goal, modern seating is the lobby, waiting rooms, patient rooms, café, etc.

Maximizing space

Hospitals tend to be very busy at times so selecting furniture to maximize seating space is essential. Lounges and sofas in the lobby can help increase space for families who are waiting for extended time.

It is important to purchase furniture from a company that focuses on meeting the needs of the healthcare environment. Unichairs Inc. offers quality healthcare furniture for your facility.

Since 1995 Unichairs has offered an extensive collection of hospitality furniture & seating in both contemporary and classic designs, styled and manufactured specifically for the healthcare industry, offering unique designs along with comfort, quality and most importantly durability.

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