Choosing Your Restaurant’s Booth Seating

January 16, 2019

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Think about the number of times patrons entered your restaurant and asked if they could be seated at a booth. There’s a reason why booths are so popular among restaurant goers: they’re intimate, private, and comfortable.

Depending on the type of establishment you run, you may want to consider implementing booth seating. If you already have booths in your restaurant, consider the condition that the seating is in and determine whether or not a replacement is warranted.

Consider the following suggestions in order to help you choose the right booths for your restaurant.

Why Add Booths to Your Restaurant?

Not only can booths help you enhance the privacy and comfort of your patrons, but they can also reduce the amount of traffic in your restaurant. They can also cut down on the need for your waitstaff to have to walk around all sides of a table. At the same time, booths can even add a sense of warmth to your dining area.

You can easily blend booths into your decor by choosing from a wide variety of colours, styles, materials, and finishes. They’re even cost-effective when it comes to the layout when you consider how much space they take up versus how many people they can accommodate.

Choosing the Right Booths For Your Restaurant

With so many restaurant booths to choose from, you’ll definitely be able to find yourself the perfect booths for your establishment. For instance, you can select single, double, wall benches, and circular booths. There are also varying lengths, heights, and widths to choose from.

You can also pair wall benches with small tables to allow for convenient conversation among couples, then easily transform them into a bigger table for larger groups.

When you’re designing your restaurant’s booth layout, you’ll want to think about your booth seating dimensions as well as dining room table sizes. Further, cantilever table bases should also be considered for certain table sizes. These tables are affixed to the wall under the table and provide plenty of support without compromising any of your guests’ leg room.

Selecting and arranging booths for your restaurant is a crucial part of keeping your patrons happy, comfortable, and wanting to come back again. No matter what type of booth style, design, colour, size, or material you choose, these pieces can also be an attractive component of your dining room.