Choosing the Appropriate Colour For Your Restaurant Chairs

May 22, 2019

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The interior of a restaurant requires plenty of consideration. While the food and service are obviously extremely important to the success of a restaurant, the look and style of an establishment also matter a great deal. And a big part of a business’s style ties into seating choices.

Obviously, the chairs that a restaurant are outfitted with should be comfortable for patrons. They should also be durable and able to withstand years of wear and tear and should be easy to clean and maintain. But of course, it’s also important to make sure that restaurant chairs are also stylish, and the color plays a key role in the look of the furniture.

When styling a restaurant, be sure to keep colour into consideration. As you may know, color heavily influences the way people feel and think. As such, choosing the right colors for restaurant chairs is important. Keep these tips in mind when selecting colours for restaurant chairs.

Black, Grey, Brown, and White

Neutral colours always work in an interior. They’re unassuming and are usually more attractive to more people compared to vibrant hues. But it’s important to be careful how they are used or they could turn an interior into a boring space with no personality.

Black, grey, brown, and white are often used in many restaurant furniture pieces. They’re also often used for backdrops because a neutral background gives designers much more flexibility with decor.

Black and brown wooden tables and chairs are ideal for creating a warm interior, and greys and whites work well for accents and upholstery.

Yellows and Reds

Many restaurants owners infuse red and yellow into their interior designs because these particular colours have been shown to stimulate the appetite. That’s exactly what restaurateurs want – for more food to be ordered and therefore more revenue to be generated.

While not every piece of furniture should necessarily be outfitted in red and yellow, designers can make good use of these hues with accents, chair backs, seat covers, and so forth. Just enough of a pop of colour can really make an interior stand out while still helping parents develop a healthy appetite and spend more on their dining experience.

Blue – Use Sparingly

Blue tends to have the opposite effect as red and yellow when it comes to stimulating the appetite. For this reason, it’s important for designers to use blue with a little caution when using it in restaurant design.

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