Choose booths for your restaurant

August 15, 2017

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Nowadays, when you walk into restaurants, you’re beginning to see more and more booths than the traditional table and chairs. Booth seating is becoming a popular choice for many restaurant owners. They bring many advantages for the customer and the employees such as:

More Space

Booth seating eliminates traffic because they take up less space and can be positioned in a way that creates more space for waiters to walk through. This helps keep the flow of the restaurant moving efficiently.


It’s no secret that booths are more comfortable and cozy than a chair. Booths often have soft padding, whereas chairs are typically made from wood or metal and offer less padding. Comfortable customers are happy customers. Happy customers will spend more in the restaurant.


Booth seating, especially those against the wall, offer more privacy. The high-backs provide extra privacy, which makes the customers feel more comfortable. They also block out conversations from surrounding tables. Even though customers are out in public, they will appreciate that sense of privacy and personal space.

Custom Design

There are endless design options for booth seating. You can create the perfect seating for your restaurant by selecting the style, shape, size and upholstery. Choose a booth that represents you and your restaurant.
Here at Unichairs, we offer a wide variety of booth seating to ensure that you choose the right one for your restaurant. With our Quick-Ship products, and various booth seating items, Unichairs Inc. strives to meet your needs both now and in the future. We ensure that our customers receive high quality seating at affordable prices. 
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