How to Choose the Best Upholstery Fabric For Seating

November 7, 2019

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When choosing fabrics for your seating, consider both practical needs as well as esthetics. While it’s important for the end result to be a visually appealing chair, sofa, or booth seat, you also want to make sure that the upholstery is durable enough to withstand the amount of activity it will get and is easy enough to keep clean and maintain.

Take into consideration how customers will use how the pieces to help guide you on the material type that you should choose. You might fall in love with a specific type of fabric, but it might not last as long as you’d like it to if it’s too delicate. Pieces in higher-traffic areas will need durable fabrics, while pieces that do not get as much wear and tear might be able to get away with any type of textile.

Also, consider how a fabric will likely age over time. Find out as much about the material as possible, including its cleaning requirements, then consider the amount of maintenance that will need to be done. How will it look a few years from now? Will it still look fine it if it starts to show signs of its age?

At Unichairs, our contract fabrics are resistant to grease, water, and other stains caused by food splatters and spills. They’re also perfect for high-traffic areas in the food and healthcare industry. You’ll be able to find a vast array of such pieces in our expansive showroom!

Consider the Piece Itself

Of course, you’ll want to take some time to think about the actual seating itself when choosing the upholstery to cover it in. For instance, curvy pieces tend to do better with fabrics that feature solid colours, as opposed to textures or patterns. This is not a hard and fast rule that is set in stone, as there are always exceptions to the rule. That’s why it’s important to consider every individual piece that you may have on your shortlist to determine what works best for each.

The size of the seating should also be taken into account as well. Larger pieces might do better in solid colours, for instance, since they take up a lot of space and will be very noticeable. As such, you don’t want guests to grow tired of a potentially loud fabric. Smaller pieces, on the other hand, can get away with more vibrant and textured/patterned fabrics and can work really well as accent pieces.

Get in Touch With Unichairs

If you’re unsure about which direction to take with your seating upholstery, the Contract Consultants at Unichiars are always on hand and available to help. These seasoned professionals are dedicated to helping you explore all of your options and narrow down the best choices so you can inevitably make the right decision for your design project. Call or email Unichairs today, and we’ll be happy to take you around our expansive Vaughan showroom!