5 Design Elements of a Sophisticated Bistro

December 11, 2018

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Your restaurant’s success is obviously heavily dependent on the quality of the food you serve and the service your staff provides. But just as important is the actual space that patrons will be dining in. In order to maximize the success of your restaurant, consider the following design elements.

1. Creating a Stand-Out Space

You don’t want your restaurant to be a cookie-cutter place that looks just like every other eatery in town. As such, you’ll want to differentiate it from others. It’s natural as a startup to want to emulate other spaces that you love, but at the end of the day, you’ll want to be different.

You can easily do this by enlisting the help of a designer and customizing branded chairs and tables for patrons to dine on.

2. Simplicity

A simple layout doesn’t have to be boring. Rather, it can help to create less visual clutter for guests. You can still have a highly sophisticated and stylish space without having to go too far with overly complex design elements and floor plans.

3. Understanding Your Customer

Before you design and furnish your restaurant, consider who your guests are or are going to be. Ideally, your restaurant’s interior design should match the people who will be hanging out in it.

Conducting thorough market analysis can help you define your customers and therefore give you a clear picture of what your interior should look like. When you have a clear identification of your patrons, then you can find and establish a way to better position your restaurant.

4. Flow

Your restaurant could be adorned with some of the most sophisticated furniture and decor elements, but without optimal flow, the interior will lack functionality. Not only will your staff need workable access to the kitchen and all parts of the restaurant floor, but your guests will also want to feel as though they have direct access to the washroom, bar, and the exit. Proper flow is crucial when designing your eatery.

5. Furnishing With the Right Pieces

Outfitting your restaurant with the right pieces is of utmost importance to your eatery. Not only does it contribute to its overall look and feel, but it also creates a specific vibe in the place. On top of that, your furniture choices will determine the comfort level of all who visit your restaurant.

If you’re unclear about exactly which pieces to add to your restaurant, the expert designers at Unichairs can help you. Give us a call today.