• Seating for Craft Pubs and Microbreweries

Outfitting Your Craft Pub or Microbrewery With Stylish Seating

Craft pubs and breweries offer a very unique experience to patrons. They can be compared to wineries that both produce the wine and serve them to patrons directly on site. These types of entities are uniquely focused on creating quality beer while simultaneously serving guests. Such a unique type of setting requires equally unique seating [...]

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  • ethnic restaurants

Furnishing Ethnic Restaurants

Every restaurateur knows that the style and mood of an eatery is nearly as important as the menu items themselves. How a place is furnished, decorated, and accessorized plays a big role in how patrons are made to feel. Furnishing ethnic restaurants can be a real challenge, but not when you have the right furniture [...]

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  • barstools

The Modern Sports Bar

Many sports bars have a large area of bar seating, and dedicate space to multiple bar areas within the venue. Sports bars usually have several televisions around to entice sports fans to come and watch sporting events. Bar Seating The key to a great sports bar is comfort. Many sporting events, such as a football game, baseball [...]

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  • restaurant design

Restaurant Design

Designing any restaurant big or small requires creative thinking to make the most of the space you’re given. Knowing what kind of furniture your restaurant needs and having the correct layout is essential. Choosing the right layout and restaurant furniture for any venue is essential to a customer’s impression and experience in your establishment. A venue [...]

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  • wood seating

Wood Seating

Are you looking for wood seating options that provide quality, durability and comfort? Unichairs Inc. is a leading supplier of quality and comfortable seating solutions for restaurants, hotels, bars/lounges, resorts, and health care centres. At Unichairs you will find the most up-to-date and innovative seating products from our extensive local and world collection. Finding the [...]

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