• restaurant bar stools

Different Style Stools for Your Bar

Your bar stools are much more than just a place for your customers to sit. They’re essentially an important component of your bar’s overall decor, and help to provide a specific look and feel to the space. Of course, you not only want your bar stools to be visually attractive; you also want them to [...]

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  • restaurant chairs

How to Choose the Right Colour For Restaurant Chairs

A lot goes into picking the right colour for your restaurant chairs. From the material, to the shape, to the textiles used to upholster them, there are several choices that need to be made before you select the right chairs for your restaurant. But perhaps one of the more important decisions you need to make [...]

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  • booth seating

The Right Booth Seating for Your Restaurant

Restaurant patrons love booth seating. They offer privacy, comfort, lots of room, and are typically exposed to less traffic compared to traditional seating. Of course, you should outfit your restaurant with a variety of types of seating in addition to booths in order to accommodate those who may prefer a specific type of seat. But [...]

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