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3 Things to Consider When Decorating Your Hotel Lobby

Your hotel lobby is the first thing that guests will interact with when they first enter through the front entrance. What you want to do is make sure that they are meant to feel comfortable and welcomed, while impressing them with your style. Here are a few important things to take into consideration when decorating [...]

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3 Tips for Creating a Comfortable Medical Office

When it comes to a medical practice, not only do you have to provide impeccable medical services, but you also want to make your patients feel welcome and comfortable. Doctor's offices aren't exactly known for being a place that people want to necessarily visit or hang out in, but they're necessary nonetheless. But that doesn't [...]

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Brand Your Casino With Customized Chairs and Tables

Casinos have become highly sophisticated these days, and patrons have come to expect a higher level of offerings, and that includes its furniture. For casinos, not only is comfort of importance when it comes to tables and seating but so is their brand. Tables and chairs offer the perfect opportunity for casinos to brand their [...]

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  • Seating for Craft Pubs and Microbreweries

Outfitting Your Craft Pub or Microbrewery With Stylish Seating

Craft pubs and breweries offer a very unique experience to patrons. They can be compared to wineries that both produce the wine and serve them to patrons directly on site. These types of entities are uniquely focused on creating quality beer while simultaneously serving guests. Such a unique type of setting requires equally unique seating [...]

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  • ethnic restaurants

Furnishing Ethnic Restaurants

Every restaurateur knows that the style and mood of an eatery is nearly as important as the menu items themselves. How a place is furnished, decorated, and accessorized plays a big role in how patrons are made to feel. Furnishing ethnic restaurants can be a real challenge, but not when you have the right furniture [...]

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