• Table tops

Table Tops for your restaurant

Finding the right table tops for your restaurant that match your overall design isn’t easy. If you are looking to add new table tops to your restaurant, we offer high-quality table top options for you. Browse through our selection of laminate, wood, and custom table tops and select the ones that work best for your [...]

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  • All Your Seating Needs

Your # 1 Source for all your Seating Needs

Since 1995 Unichairs has offered on extensive collection of hospitality furniture & seating in both contemporary and classic designs, styled and manufactured specifically for the contract market offering unique designs along with comfort, quality and most importantly durability. We have a wide variety of chairs, barstools, lounges, and booths, in stock and ready for shipping. [...]

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  • health care seating

Health Care Seating

In the healthcare environment, there are so many guests and patients to seat, thus making it difficult to select the right seating. Healthcare facility managers are paying attention to patient comfort when selecting furniture. Here are some key factors you should consider when selecting quality healthcare furniture for your hospital. Family-friendly Creating a family-friendly environment [...]

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  • hotel furniture

Selecting the Right Hotel Furniture

The evolution of hotel design and hotel furniture is greatly linked to the guests’ stay and relates to the overall experience, that’s why hotel owners must be careful. Selecting the right furniture for your hotel is an important aspect in creating a stylish design and an enticing atmosphere for your guests. The best hotel furniture has to [...]

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  • Booth Seating

Choose booths for your restaurant

Nowadays, when you walk into restaurants, you’re beginning to see more and more booths than the traditional table and chairs. Booth seating is becoming a popular choice for many restaurant owners. They bring many advantages for the customer and the employees such as: More Space Booth seating eliminates traffic because they take up less space [...]

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